Green Tree Python - Mens Snake Wallet

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This mesmerizing Green Tree Python - Mens Wallet is top notch. Having been printed from a real photograph, every last detail of this masterpiece is accurate. From the amber stripes in the eyes and intricate scale pattern to the rich green, blue and yellow coloring. This Snake wallet is perfect for the Legless Reptile Lover in your life.

Fun Facts: Green Tree Python vs Emerald Tree Boa:

Green Tree Python: These fabulous creatures have a more rounded nose with softer edges and much finer scales. Green Tree Pythons come in a large variety of colors and markings including yellow, blue, green and black with any mix of those colors. If they have white markings down their spine, they very rarely cover more than three or four joining scales across the body and never come in such thick stripes and patches the way Emerald Tree Boa's do.

Emerald Tree Boa: These exquisite specimens have a slightly more square shape to their nose and sharper angles to their head with much larger scales. They also have an additional row of heat pits running above their mouth. Emerald Tree Boas come in a large variance of the color green, from light apple all the way through to virtually black. A distinguishing feature is the large white patches/stripes of white that are seen down their spine. These white markings are bold, thick and cover in patches over the back of the animal.

One additional major difference is that Green Tree Pythons lay their eggs and incubate maternally where as Emerald Tree Boas give birth to live young.

  • Brand: Shagwear
  • Material: Durable, vegan, man-made faux leather.
  • Measurements: Approximately 4.5 x 3.75 inches.
  • Details: 9 credit card slots, large money pocket, clear plastic id slot and 4 additional pockets.
  • Coins: Zippered coin pocket inside.


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