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* Arielle Joy, from Anaheim California, just published a list of her favorite travel essentials on her blog and our Life Well Travelled Passport Holder is featured in the number one placement! You can read over her travel tips and packing list on her blog,

* Amber, a SAHM of three, has just written a great review of our new Octopus Yoga Pants on her blog. Check out her honest opinion and see the graphic leggings in action while she strikes a few yoga poses in them,

* Suzy, a lifestyle blogger, author and newly qualified yoga teacher, just received a pair of our Mandala Yoga Pants and LOVES them. Read her opinions on how well they fit, their extreme comfort and cute style on her blog,

* Lindsay, from LatteLindsay, wrote a nice little quip about our Karma Necklace. Seems she loves the length of the chain and the engraved phrase "What comes around, goes around". You can read her notes about our necklace and many other juicy items on her blog,

* Kat, from TailFish, just wrote a detailed review about our Sugar Skull Yoga Pants that included washing instructions & durability and wearing comfort & practicality. She even included a few sample yoga poses that show how they look in action. You can read her opinion on her blog,

* Sabrina, a fashion blogger in Bosnia, recently wrote a flattering review about one of our wallets. The glowing write up comes complete with fabulous detailed photos and a lengthy description. You can read all about at SweetStreetStyle.

* Neil, a fashion blogger located in the UK with a serious passion for all things Skull just gave us a rave review of one of our Sugar Skull accessories. Read about it on his blog,

* FantailFlo, a fashion blogger located in the UK, just loves her new Dreamcatcher Yoga Pants. Although she just received them, she's already worn them to the gym and is raving about them on her blog,

* Jamie of Redwagon Photography recently did a fantastic photo spread and write up about our new Fashion Truck on her "Shop Local" page! Tons of great photos and support of a local small business.

* Horses & Heels, an online lifestyle site for home, style, barn and horse is talking about our Unbridled Horse Themed Equine Wallet and Coin Purse on their HorseAndHeels blog. Including a giveaway of the trio.

* Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway Blogs that mention our products:

Video reviews about us and our products:

* Amy, from, just uploaded a fantastic instructional blog post as well as a detailed video offering a few great ideas on how to wear a pashmina using one of our beautiful pashmina scarves. If you are looking for some easy tips on scarf wear, head on over to her blog for a quick read.

* Video review by Arabik Queen of our Vintage Love Letter Wallet, packaging and service.