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Nawila Dzasa - Passport Wallet

USD $17.84

Nawila Dzasa - Passport Wallet

USD $17.84
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Product Description

This amazing work of art can be used as a passport wallet or as your regular wallet. With original artwork by B.C artist Andy Everson, this wallet is a great piece of native history with an ancient story behind it. Made from durable faux leather and deep emboss printing, you can't go wrong with this unique wallet. 

  • Brand: Cedar Paddle
  • Material: Durable, vegan, man-made faux leather.
  • Measurements: Approximately 4 x 6 inches.
  • Details: Magnetic snap closure and passport sized pocket in behind the credit card slots.

The story behind the art:

A long time ago a man was warned by the Creator that the world would be covered by a great flood and that he must wait for a gigantic sea monster named 'Namxiyalegiyu (Something Terrible) to rise from the depths. When the rain ceased to stop, this great monster appeared. The man climbed onto its humongous back as it sank once again into the depths of the ocean. The Creator gave the man the supernatural power to breathe underwater as 'Namxiyalegiyu protected him.

When the flood had subsided, 'Namxiyalegiyu returned the man to the surface of the water and put him ashore at Xwalkw where the mouth of the Nimpkish river would later appear. The man took on the name 'Namukustolis (Only One in the World), and became the first ancestor of the 'Namgis people.

In honor of the protection given to 'Namukustolis, his descendants to the Tsitsal 'walagame' nami'ma of the 'Namgis continue to use 'Namxiyalegiyu as their primary crest. 'Namxiyalegiyu is know to be so immense that the tides rise and fall with it's movement. It's face is characterized by a large wide mouth with many teeth and gills set in it's cheeks. The center of it's forehead features a magic quartz crystal and it's brows are surmounted by supernatural horns. It has the body of a halibut and the large dorsal fin of a killer whale. It is so massive the 'Namukustolis was a mere speck on it's back.

About the artist:

Andy Everson was born in Comox B.C. and named Nagedzi after his grandfather, Chief Andy Frank of the K'omoks First Nation. His cultural interests lay with both his K'omoks and Kwakwaka'wakw ancestors and are expressed through dancing, singing and art. To further his career, Andy has gone on to complete his Master's degree in anthropology. From early self-taught lessons, Andy has tried to follow in the footsteps of his Kwakwaka'wakw reletives in creating bold and unique representations that remain rooted in the age old traditions of his ancestors.

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