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Necklaces & Pendants

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Owl - Spirit Animal Necklace


Owls are extremely wise and knowledgeable. They know the importance of education and have the ability to solve problems in their own unique way. Owls are also very intuitive and have incredible foresight. Color: Burgundy     Stone: Garnet...


Live With Love - Necklace


If more people lived by the motto of this Live With Love - Necklace, the world would be a better place. Silver letters, placed artistically withing three square blocks dangle from a delicate chain to form the inspirational phrase "Live with Love". Great...


Love You More Necklace


Remember when you would tell your Mom that you loved her and she would answer back with .. "Love You More" ? Well now you can have the perfect necklace to remember those days. Or maybe you want to get it for her because you feel that it's your turn to...