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Buddha - Large Zipper Wallet

USD $24.02

This Buddha - Large Zipper Wallet is absolutely beautiful with it's complimentary hues of yellows, oranges and purples. From the emboss printed Buddha, lotus flowers and funky swirls to the detailed stitching around the main flower circle .. this wallet...

Portrait of a Wolf - Mens Wallet

USD $20.82

Two mesmerizing golden eyes stare back at you from the cover of this fantastic Portrait of a Wolf - Mens Wallet. Gaze into his eyes and you will be hypnotized by not only his exotic stare, but the exquisite details in the embossed printing of this wallet...

Turtle Pond - Large Wallet

USD $21.62

This Turtle Pond Wallet is adorable and filled with details from the embossed printing to the embedded eyelet beads and the stitched waves on the back. Three little turtles frolic in the pond creating bubbles as they swim among the blossoms and starfish...

Eagle - Mens Wallet

USD $20.82

This majestic Eagle - Mens Wallet is fantastic. With a black and white photo of an eagle emboss printed onto this smooth vegan leather wallet, you can't go wrong. Simple, bold and straight to the point. Just slip it in your back pocket and go. Brand:...

Sugar Skull - Men's Wallet

USD $20.82

This detailed Sugar Skull Men's Wallet is perfection from the embossed printed, exquisitely detailed skull to the emboss printed patter on the front and back. Artistically printed on a fantastic faux leather that has the look and feel of real leather...

Royal Flush - Men's Wallet

USD $20.82

This "Royal Flush" Men's Wallet is perfect for any card player/risk taker from the embossed printed, anitque looking deck splayed out on the front and back to the detailed stitching around the Queen. Artistically printed on a fantastic faux leather that...

Park Bench Owls - Large Wallet

USD $21.62

An adorable family of owls relax on a bench in the middle of a cute little nature park on this fantastic Park Bench Owls - Large Wallet. Fall leaves blow while two little birds sit perched on their decorated bird house, securely fastened to a tree branch...

Comic Strip - Mens Wallet

USD $20.82

This colorful Comic Strip- Mens Wallet is chalk full of action. Action bubbles, that is. Awesome emboss printing on a vegan leather surface and a lit stick of dynamite, too. This wallet is a must have for any true Comic Con. Brand: Shagwear Material:...